How pricing works

Here’s how pricing works:

  1. Teachers select an hourly price range (“Hourly Price Range”) that they would like to charge Students.
  2. Tutr uses the Hourly Price Range to compute the (“Tutoring Fee”) for a class using its pricing algorithm.
  3. The final amount charged to the Student (“Class Fee”) is the Tutoring Fees plus taxes.
  4. Tutr keeps a percentage of the Tutoring Fees for operational costs (“Service Fee”).
  5. The remaining amount (“Teacher Fee”) is scheduled to be paid out to the Teacher.
Class Fees (paid by the student) = Tutoring Fee + Taxes

Teacher Fee (paid out to the teacher) = Tutoring Fee - Service Fee

Tutr reserves the right to modify how pricing works. Continued use of the Tutr Platform or Tutoring Services after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.